No Resistance Here: Curtis Wayne Hurley

No Resistance Here: Curtis Wayne Hurley

Curtis Wayne Hurley is a golden voiced gospel artist from Charlotte, NC. Hurley instantly earns critic points from me just by being from Charlotte, one of my favorite cities in the U.S.! Hurley’s latest album “Resist” has a heavy jazz influence with some retro R&B that really takes you back to the roots of soul. Hurley is truly an original in today’s industry. What makes him original is that he pays tribute to his musical roots while at the same time adding his own flavor. expanding the influence of his sound and making it his own.
The first track “Jesus Loves Me” is a statement track to set the tone for the rest of the album. A fast paced jazzy track that is reminiscent to an early 90’s soul song. The pulsating cymbal rhythm with the bass riff is an irresistible combination for my ears. Lay a smooth vocal performance on top of that and I’m hooked. The message was equally as important to me in that Jesus loves you and can help you with anything and everything. Jesus is there for you in the dark and light of your life.
The next standout track for me was “Reign”. This track opens the church door for you, sits you in your seat and ministers to you on the spot. Introduced with a classic church style piano riff, this track has the contemporary church feel. The chorus is filled with airy backdrop of vocals with a more chesty vocal gently laid over the top. A true treat for any vocalist fan. The track invites the Holy Spirit into Hurley’s/listener’s life and simply put, says “reign”.
The next track I loved was “Lamb Most High”. A very rhythmic song that would typically require more focus on hitting to the snare and can be difficult to have a solid vocal sound. Hurley hit both while making it sound easy. The variety in tones in the chorus add an interesting texture to it as well. The 3rd verse rap by Vezzy 101 was a pleasant surprise I was not expecting.
The last track I’m going to focus on (so many more I’d love to delve in on!) is the title track “Resist”. As a huge Luther Vandross fan, this track really hit home. The chorus is very “Vandrossy” with notes hitting the ceiling and harmonies that are well synched. Quite possibly my favorite track on the album. You will sing along, sway, move your feet, and definitely you’ll raise your hands in an act of surrender to the Holy spirit. But when the rap verse that is a very unexpected suprised is unleashed, you are sure to be jumping up and down. An empowering track telling the listener that you’ve got to resist and flee from sin. The lyrics are reminiscent of the Apostle Paul as well, this is an extremely well written track that will have you swole in Jesus’ name and ready to jump on the devil’s head!
Well, I have talked myself into it, this track is for sure my favorite on the album and instantly on my weight-room play-list! For best bench press results, click play on track 9! An excellently put together album that is perfect if you’re looking for some mellow grooves, tight trills, and a wild vocal performance that will leave you breathless. Not to mention an incredible word from our Father in Heaven delivered through Curtis Wayne Hurley.
You can find the album “Resist” as well as other works of Curtis Wayne Hurley at:
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Love first and keep rolling
Luke Frank


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